Here you'll find the rates for our standard services. Pick a package and shoot us an email! Music is a highly creative artform, so not all projects require the same actions. Please feel free to contact us if there isn't any packages or prices that fit your project. You'll receive a noncommittal offer! 

Some of our most popular services are our online mixing and mastering at very affordable prices! We want to make it possible for independent artists to acheive a professional sound for their music! Everything is done online. The only thing you have to do is send us an email and upload your tracks. You'll receive your finished mix or master within a couple of days! It's not only easy, but with our unlimited revisions politic you're guarenteed satisfaction! Still not convinced? Take a listen to some of our references and make up your own mind! Contact us and take your music to the next level today!  

Online Mixing

You've recorded your song locally, in your own homestudio or at your rehersal space, but can't get your music to sound as good as your favorite artist. Let us mix your music at take it to the next level! Everything is done online - You upload your tracks and receive your mixed song as a stereo wav-file within only 4 days! Our online mixing service includes unlimited revisions, so you're guarenteed satisfation! 

- Mixing of up to 30 tracks; 200 € / 235$ 
- Mixing of 31 tracks and up; 330 € / 350$ 

Online Mastering

You've aldready got your song mixed but need the final adjustments so your mix will translate great on all systems and platforms! Let us master your song and receive a file ready for all the online distrubtion sites!

- Mastering of 1 song;    47 € / 55$
- Mastering of 3 songs;  120 € / 140$

Vocal Mix

You've recorded your vocal to a stereofile beat but you need it to sound stellar. Let us mix your vocal with the beat and master the whole thing so it's ready for release on all the online distribution sites! 

The Package include
- Mixing of your vocal with the beat
- Mastering of the song

Vocal recording, mixing and mastering

You have the beat but need your vocal recorded and the song mixed and mastered. You come to the studio and record your vocals. Afterward we'll mix and master your song so it's ready for realse! 

The package include
- 1 hour of recording time (more can be purchased)
- Mixing of the song
- Mastering of the song

Singer-songwriter package

Your're a singer-songwriter with your vocal and one instrument. You have 1-3 songs you would like to have recorded. With this package you'll get 3 hours of recording time. Afterwards we'll mix and master the song so it's ready for release on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube etc.

The package include
- 3 hour os recording time
- Mixing of the songs
- Mastering of the songs