The Wave Studio is a high-end studio with a lovely combination of analog and digital gear located outside Aarhus, Denmark. This gives us the warmth of the analog world coupled with the endless possibilities of the digital domain. We're focused on achieving excatly the sound you're looking for! Might it be Old School Rock, Modern Pop, some jazzy Jazz, Heavy Metal or something complety different? We can help you get the excat sound you're after!

Here at The Wave Studio you also have the opportunity to record at our highend recording studio or in your own comfy rehersal space. Our studio is mobile and can record on location where ever you would like. You can read about our recording services below. If you have any questions, please shoot us an email through out contact page

Studie recordings

Studio recordings record highend

We're doing studio recordings to best fit the needs of your music and sound. In the studio you'll be able to record either in a layer on layer fashion, where every instrument is recorded alone or in groups and then layered with other instruments, or we can record everything live as a performance. We're using high-end microphones, preamps, compressor, equalizers etc. to deliver the highest quality product to our clients! We also have a nice selection of guitars, amps and pedals which are available when recording at The Wave Studio. Contact us for more information about the gear or if you have any questions! 

Live recordings

We do live recordings where ever you want! Maybe you want your band recorded in your rehersal space for a demo? Maybe you want your next concept album to be recorded in the woods or in a undergroup parking becuase it just sound like the right kind of weird? You are setting the boundaries! We have enough inputs to handle every scenario. We also do live choir recordings in churches or likewise places with the necessary acoustics. 

Voice over

We do voice-overs for the radio, meditation CDs, commercials and speaks. We'll find the microphone that best fit your voice. Togehter with a high quality post-production, you're garuenteed a great result! We're only using high-end quality equipment, both digital and analog to ensure the best results! Contact us for more information