Welcome to The Wave Studio

The Wave Studio is a professional recording studio specialized in mixing and mastering. We're located in Aarhus, Denmark, but everything is handled online. If you’re interested or have any questions send us an email and we'll respond as fast as possible. Take a look around our website and do your music a favor!

online mixing

Need an awesome mix for your next single or album? Let us mix your music! Mixing isn't just science and numbers - it's a creative proces with you and your vision in the spotlight.


online mixing mastering services affordable

Get your mixed music ready for commercial realse with our affordable mastering services! We offer free test-masterings if you're in doubt whether or not we should master your next single. 

music producer production

Do you need help producing your song to it fullest potential? Let us help you with the production! We have a wide network of varied producers and mucians to help you unfold your music!  

contact the wave studio

Don't be afriad to contact us! No question is too small and we definitely won't bite - We're here to help you decide what's best for your music! Send us a request and we'll get back to you.