Welcome to the Mastering Club. I master a song for free every week and show you my process.

Ever wondered what a mastering process looks like behind the curtain? Want to get insight into the thought process of a mastering engineer? The Mastering Club is exactly what you need. The Mastering Club is a weekly show where I master a random member's song and walk you through the process in a YouTube video. Oh, did I say it's a free mastering for that lucky member? A new one every week. What's not to like? Watch the video below for the full introduction.

Become a member of the Mastering Club today and join the fun! Weekly free mastering and insights in what a mastering process can look like. 

Become a member now. It's free!

1. Sign-up

All you have to do is follow the link above and sign up. That’s it - You’re in! And best of all, it's 100% free. 

2. The free master

Every week I go through the list of members and pick a random winner of the free master. I’ll get in contact with you if you’re the lucky one.

3. Video-time!

I master the song and record a video showing my thought-process and why I make the choices I do. The video will be posted on YouTube for everyone to learn from.